4 Ways to Utilise UGC and CGC Content in Your Business

We know the advantages of using UGC (User Generated Content) and CGC (Creator Generated Content) across our social media platforms. It’s great for boosting engagement and creating trust with your audience.

All of the time, effort and money spent that goes into this content can add up. But, what if you could make them stretch further?

Sure, you could upload them once and move on. Or you could use them in a multitude of ways to get the most out of your content. Let’s explore this further!

  1. Emails:
    We’ve created email campaigns and flows for our clients that incorporate their UGC/CGC in a way that’s native to email platforms. By creating still images from their video content and turning them into GIFs, we can then add these GIFs into emails.

    This is a super easy and engaging way to grab your customer’s attention while scanning your emails. It also allows you to show how your product moves, operates or transforms while in use. Whatever its function may be!

    So, try adding a GIF into your next email to show off your beautiful UGC/CGC to your email subscribers.
  1. Website:
    Your UGC/CGC can be placed strategically in many places across your website. We’re seeing it incorporated into sites more and more, especially on product pages.

    Include a short video in your product image carousel to show customers how your product moves, functions or looks while in use.

    Add it to your collection pages to showcase the different items in the collection and allow customers to see how it looks in real life and envision themselves with it.
  2. Repurpose into additional content:
    Re-edit and screenshot/pull still-images from your UGC/CGC and post it across the same or additional channels.

    Re-edit your raw footage to make the reel or TikTok slightly different, highlighting different features, styling or uses. You could even find a current Reels/TikTok trend to create a mash-up of content to suit. E.g. scenes changing with the beat of a song.

    Creating still-images from your video content allows you to create a large bank of images to choose from when selecting content for socials, website or product pages, blogs and so much more. Don’t be stuck for fresh product images again!
  3. Create an Instagram highlight of your UGC/CGC:
    Whenever you post or reshare UGC or CGC to your instagram story, add it to a reels highlight.

    Go to your profile and create a new highlight, you can call it anything that suits, like “As Seen” or “Our Range”. Then, add any stories containing high quality content to this highlight. Whenever people view your instagram profile this is one of the first things they’ll see and potentially click on. So, why not make it your best content?

There it is, our four recommendations for using UGC and CGC outside of their standard use for reels and TikTok’s. We hope you found this helpful and have a go at implementing these tips for yourself.

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